Our Impact

Free Child / Teen Safety IDs


We created over 7,000 Child / Teen Safety IDs, absolutely free!  

A common problem with typical ID kits, are they are usually never completed and simply placed in a drawer or thrown away.  

So, we designed our program to address this issue.  Instead, we create our custom PASSPORT style IDs on-site.  Complete with photo, fingerprints, height, weight, and recent addition... DNA, parents are excited to keep these IDs on them at all times.

Awareness & Education


We attend over 150 events per year, and have supported over 50,000 family members!

The primary reason we support so many events, is to raise awareness and educate the parents and the children.  Most are completely unaware of the tragic reality that truly plagues our youth.  We want to equip the parents with the warning signs and supply them with tools to teach their kids.  We strive to keep the kids aware of dangers and determining the "safe choice" in situations.

Child Safety Advocates


We distributed over 10,000 free gunlocks and dental hygiene kits!

In addition to our direct approaches to prevent missing and exploited children, we discovered that often times, it is a combination of smaller issues that lead a child to feel hopeless and make dangerous decisions.  To address this, we have partnered with many other organizations to provide additional child safety and personal health support.

Special thanks to Memphis Police Department and Delta Dental for their contributions.

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